montenegro retreat vol.3 | september 2021

26.09 - 3.10.2020

Extend the summer and say hello to autumn in the Balkans! We invite you to spend 7 days with yoga, mindfulness, trekking and bathing in the sea in a picturesque corner of Montenegro in the exclusive Mahakala Center, surrounded by nature and mountains⛰, located near beautiful beaches and charming towns 🏡

During the week in Montenegro you will:
✅ relax and experience the beauty of Montenegro
✅ deepen your yoga and mindfulness practice. Together, we discover how to use mindfulness to better understand your body, mind and emotions and how to transfer it every day routines and relationships with other people
✅ if you are just starting out, then yoga and mindfulness cease to be a “New Age” words; you will understand them as tools for a fuller, more conscious life and learn how to use them every day.


One of the most beautiful regions of Montenegro, in the exclusive Mahakala Center, created by yogis for yogis with love and respect for nature. The resort is located between the sea and the mountains. At guests’ disposal: Jacuzzi with water massages located on the terrace with a beautiful view of the bay, infrared sauna, seating areas on 2 terraces and in the garden. Yoga and meditation will take place in the yoga room, on the spacious terrace and on local beaches and cliffs.
Learn more about the place here:
Accommodation options: exclusive apartments, double rooms, four-bed room. All rooms have their own bathrooms, some with private balconies or terrace and sea views.

The resort is located on a hill about 1 km from the sea

The program includes daily morning ashtanga yoga and mindfulness, afternoon workshop classes, evening yin yoga sessions, and relaxation during the sound ceremony.



⛱☂ In your free time, you can hide with a book on the beach or on the terrace, choose to explore the surrounding towns, go trekking in the surrounding mountains or lie on the nearby beaches, bathe in the sea. Participants will also have not limited jacuzzi and sauna entrance. Everyone will find something to do!


Vegetarian and vegan, prepared with the best quality local ingredients. 2 meals a day – large brunch after morning practice and dinner, healthy snacks, coffee, tea will be available in the meantime.


Ashtanga yoga – dynamic meditation in motion. Classes are characterized by an individual approach to the practitioner, taking into account his age, state of health and initial condition. Ashtanga’s practice brings purification at the level of the body, nervous system and mind, increase of vital energy as well as balance and harmony on a daily basis.
Yin yoga – so-called fascial yoga – gentle, calming practice, focused on the precise positioning of the body in conscious positions, conscious breathing and meditation.
Mindfulness – the process of shifting attention to the present moment. Mindfulness can be practiced both formal (during e.g. meditation practice, yoga practice) and informally (during daily activities – walking, eating, talking, etc.). Regular practice of mindfulness positively affects our reactions to stress, among others.
Sound ceremony – relaxing concerts accompanied by instruments: bowls, bells, tank drum and more. You will be carried away by soothing sounds that will calm down and calm you down. Sounds will help you feel full presence at the moment.


Hike to the town of Petrovac combined with meditation on the cliffs – a unique adventure during which you will discover secret places known only to local residents. Through green corners and spectacular cliffs we will wander to the charming town of Petrovac where we will spend time exploring and sunbathing. On the way back we will stop at a picturesque viewpoint for a meditation session.

Grad Gradiste Monastery – a picturesque walk through the forest to a beautifully situated 12th-century monastery combined with time in silence and meditation in motion


🏠 Double rooms with balcony or terrace and sea view – 800 Euro / person

🏠 Double rooms without balcony and without sea view – 700 Euro / person

🏠 Bed in a 4-person room with a comfortable bunk beds – 600 Euro person

Apartments – accommodation possible with applications for a minimum of 2 people per apartment – ideal for couples, families or groups:

🏠 Penthouse apartment on the 2nd floor with a huge terrace and a view of the sea and the surrounding area – price per person depending on the number of people: 950 Euro / person – for 2 people, 850 Euro / person – for 3 people, 750 Euro / person – for 4 people people ***

Included in the price: yoga and mindfulness classes, sound ceremonies and relaxation sessions, accommodation (7 nights) and 2 nutricious, based on local products meals a day, unlimited access to rooftop jacuzzi with mountain / sea view and infrared sauna

The price does not include: airline ticket prices, travel insurance costs, travel costs from the airport, local taxes (1 Euro / day). If necessary, the organizers can help in organizing transport from the airport to Mahakala – cost from 15 Euro a person, depending on the number of people in the group after confirmation from Mahakala Center. Transfer time from the airport in Podgorica to Mahakala takes about 60 minutes.


✅ Oliwia Misztur – yoga teacher, working with body awareness and mindfulness, co-founder of mindyourfulness, Certified instructor Air / Aerial Yogi and teacher of the original method Fly / Flow (air yoga & creative movement). For many years associated with contemporary dance and all forms of movement expression. Since 2008, she has been faithfully following the path of Ashtang Yoga, raising her skills, including at sources in KPJAYI (Mysore, India) under the guidance of Sharath Jois. She conducts regular classes in Wroclaw – at the Studio Jogi – Drzewo Życia, as well as meetings with yoga at the New Horizons Cinema, seasonal outdoor classes, yoga for companies and numerous workshops and yoga trips and retreates. Co-founder of the following initiatives: Resonance – yoga & voice and Rebel Yogis. Fascinated by Chinese medicine and reflexotherapy. He loves forest, travels without a plan, bicycle trips, ambitious cinema and loud concerts

✅Piotr Kurpiasz – yoga and mindfulness teacher,  coach and facilitator, co-founder of mindyourfulness. He has been supporting people in managing stress and personal energy since 2012. He cooperates with the Luxmed Group, corporations and entrepreneurs. Yoga and meditation teacher at Studio Jogi – Drzewo Życia at Wroclaw and during retreats in Poland and around the world. For many years, he has been following traditional path of Ashtanga Yoga, including studing under the guidance of Sharath Jois at Mysore. In his free time he travels with his family (reports on the WhereIsMyKid? blog), plays etno instruments and visually facilitates meetings and conferences, developing his startup: Visualstories.

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