3 - 10.09.2019

Extend the summer and welcome September in Balkans! We are excited to invite you to 7 days of adventure with yoga, mindfulness, trekking & enjoying the seaside in one of the most beautiful areas of Montenegro – surrounded by nature and mountains, by the beautiful beaches and cosy little towns.

During one-week retreat in Montenegro you will:

  • relax and experience the beauty of Balkans
  • deepen your practice of yoga and mindfulness. Together we will learn and discover how to use mindfulness method into better understanding of your body, mind and emotions, how to apply it into daily life situations and relations with others.
  • if you are a beginner, we will shed some light for you on terms like yoga and mindfulness, so that you no longer associate them with some “new age” abstraction ;), but as tools for fuller and more aware living

One of the most picturesque regions of Montenegro, in a beautiful yoga center located 1 km from the sea, surrounded by the mountains.
Daily morning session of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Mindfulness, afternoon workshops and evening Yin Yoga sessions and Sound Ceremony

DATES: 3-10/09.2019

Mahakala Centre – a friendly cosy space created with love and respect for nature, located between the sea and mountains. We will be accomodated in 2 or 4 bedroom apartaments – depending on the chosen option. We will practice in a beautiful bright shala, terrace and nearby beaches.
Learn more about Mahakala here:

Enjoy yourself sunbathing or swimming on a calm beach, visit cosy towns around, go for a trekking to see the breath taking views or simply relax with a book in beautiful nature around!

Vegetarian and vegan, made with love from regional products. Two delicious meals per day – big brunch after morning practice and dinner, healthy snacks, tea and coffee served in the meantime.

Ashtanga yoga – dynamic meditation in movement. Classes are charectarized by individual approach to the practicioner, his/her age, health condition and stamina. Regular practice of Ashtanga cleanses the body and mind, boosts vital energy level, brings balance, harmony and peace of mind.

Yin yoga – is a gentle slow-paced practice focused on stretching of the connective tissue around the joints, conscious breathing and meditative aspect..

Mindfulness – consciously bringing the attention to the present moment. When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune into what we’re sensing in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future. Mindfulness can be practised both, formally (during meditation or yoga practice) and informally (during everyday activities).

Sound Ceremony – relaxing concerts with instruments such us singing bowls, bells, tank drum and others. Feel the soothing s
ensation of the magical sounds that help you embrace calmness and reflection. If you play an instrument yourself, feel free to bring it with you for a little jamming J

A trip to the town of Petrovac combined with meditation on the cliffs – a unique adventure during which you will discover secret places known only to local residents. Through green corners and spectacular cliffs we will wander to the charming town of Petrovac where we will spend time exploring and sunbathing. On the way back we will stop at a picturesque viewpoint for a meditation session.

Gradiste Monastery – a picturesque walk through the forest to a beautifully situated 12th century monastery.



Oliwia Misztur – nomadic yogi. Student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga in tradition of Sri K.Pattabhi Jois, certified Air/Aerial Yoga and teacher of original method Fly/Flow (air yoga & creative movement), co-counder of MindYourFulness initiative and Resonans – yoga & voice. Her field of interest is widely understood body work, conscious movement & therapy and mindfulness. For many years connected with contemporary dance and various forms of movement practices, from 2008 dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga path, learning under guidance of most renowned teachers worldwide. In 2016 went to Mysore in India to practice by the source, at KPJAYI under Sharath Jois guidance. In Mysore she also practices with Vinay Kumar at Prana Vashya Yoga. She teaches regular classes in Wroclaw as well as workshops and retreats in Poland and abroad. She sees yoga as deeply transformative practice, available for everyone no matter of their age, gender or cultural/sociological background. She believes that Pattabhi Jois’ words “Practice and all is coming” can be applied to every aspect of our life. Each time she steps on a mat she learns more about herself, she finds wisdom in every teacher, she sees a teacher in every student. Fascinated by Chinese medicine and reflexotherapy. Loves forest, travels, bike, ambitious cinema and loud music.

Piotr Kurpiasz – Student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga in tradition of Sri K.Pattabhi Jois, fascinated with the effects brought by the traditional way of teaching. In 2018 travelled to India to practice withSharath Jois in KPJAYI (Mysore). Dedicated to practice for many years, from 2016 learning under guidance of Przmek Nadolny, in the meantime he finished Teacher Training Course with Manju Jois. He was teaching in Drzewo Życia and Ashtanga Yoga Wrocław. Supporter of bringing mindfulness practices into daily life. He shares his passion working as a trainer, coach and facilitator, transfering elements of yoga and mindfulness into bussines environment. Regular yoga and mindfulness practice teaches him the distance and acceptance in dealing with daily life challenges, proving nothing is impossible and you are always in a good point to start living fuller and wiser life. In free time he experiments with the sound medicine, playing various instruments during relaxation sessions (tank drum, singing bowls, bells) appreciating their soothing effect.

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