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We know how hard it is to achieve and maintain balance between all aspects of our lives. And how easy you can lose perspective on life, in sense that yourself, your needs, and relationships suddenly don’t matter anymore. We were looking for a path toward living a happier, more meaningful life. Then, one day, we found it. It went far beyond our expectations and evolved into something more than spending time together on yoga mats.

Our venture was born out of a longtime friendship and sheer joy of sharing experiences, both in yoga and mindfulness, and in working with businesses and non-governmental organizations. Not to mention our love for travel — it broadens the mind and helps to embrace cultural diversity. Let MindYourFulness provide a safe space where you will be able to figure out what matters most in your life. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Oliwia Misztur and Piotr Kurpiasz

Oliwia Misztur – yoga teacher, working with body awareness and mindfulness, co-founder of mindyourfulness, Certified instructor Air / Aerial Yogi and teacher of the original method Fly / Flow (air yoga & creative movement). For many years associated with contemporary dance and all forms of movement expression. Since 2008, she has been faithfully following the path of Ashtang Yoga, raising her skills, including at sources in KPJAYI (Mysore, India) under the guidance of Sharath Jois. She conducts regular classes in Wroclaw – at the Studio Jogi – Drzewo Życia, as well as meetings with yoga at the New Horizons Cinema, seasonal outdoor classes, yoga for companies and numerous workshops and yoga trips and retreates. Co-founder of the following initiatives: Resonance – yoga & voice and Rebel Yogis. Fascinated by Chinese medicine and reflexotherapy. He loves forest, travels without a plan, bicycle trips, ambitious cinema and loud concerts

Piotr Kurpiasz – yoga and mindfulness teacher,  coach and facilitator, co-founder of mindyourfulness. He has been supporting people in managing stress and personal energy since 2012. He cooperates with the Luxmed Group, corporations and entrepreneurs. Yoga and meditation teacher at Studio Jogi – Drzewo Życia at Wroclaw and during retreats in Poland and around the world. For many years, he has been following traditional path of Ashtanga Yoga, including studing under the guidance of Sharath Jois at Mysore. In his free time he travels with his family (reports on the WhereIsMyKid? blog), plays etno instruments and visually facilitates meetings and conferences, developing his startup: Visualstories.