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In a world that speeds up daily, we are about to help you slow down and focus on what you really need. To truly be yourself. Now and at any time in the future. We combine our experience in working with various businesses and organizations with a long-standing practice of yoga and mindfulness, passion for traveling, and caring for the environment. You will get first-hand tips on how to make yourself feel good every single day. We will take you to the place where body meets mind, and teach you to cherish every moment of this amazing encounter. When travelling with us, you will have an opportunity to find your inner self. Invite us to your company and let us embed well-being into your organization’s DNA.

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Think about yourself for a second. How are you today? How does your body feel? What are your emotions telling you right now? How does stress affect your physical and mental state — perhaps racing thoughts make you anxious and tired again? When was the last time you really rested or had a vacation?


19 - 25.06.2021

bieszczady retreat | june 2021

English version to be added soon. For questions, please contact: kontakt@piotrkurpiasz.com  …

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Always on the run from one meeting or deadline to another like a Duracell bunny? Overloaded with information and tired of multitasking? Unable to cope with stress and work under pressure? Feel like your batteries are drained? Your body starts to rebel against your hectic lifestyle? Your brain is fried? How does it all affect communication with your colleagues, bosses, subordinates, and clients? How does it affect your willingness to achieve organizational objectives?

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