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Always on the run from one meeting or deadline to another like a Duracell bunny? Overloaded with information and tired of multitasking? Unable to cope with stress and work under pressure? Feel like your batteries are drained? Your body starts to rebel against your hectic lifestyle? Your brain is fried? How does it all affect communication with your colleagues, bosses, subordinates, and clients? How does it affect your willingness to achieve organizational objectives?

We know it can be really hard to survive in a fast-paced multicultural work environment, where everyone is focused on results and has to efficiently manage multiple projects at once. We also know that when under constant pressure, people tend to neglect, or even ignore, their physical and emotional needs, especially when caring for employee well-being hasn’t yet been embedded for good into organization’s DNA.

We support organizations in their efforts to design well-being programs for the benefit of their employees. Sometimes, small steps are what is really needed — an extra series of yoga or mindfulness classes. Sometimes, all it takes is a little support for initiatives that have been already implemented across the organization. Sometimes, more complex solutions have to be introduced to prevent and treat burnout. You must be prepared for all eventualities and, therefore, we offer you our services and support at both the organizational and team or leaders/influencers levels. Please see below for more details.